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What You Will Learn

In This Course You Will Cover all these trainings:

• Advance Skin Expert Training
• Advance Hair Training
• Advance Makeup Training
• Advance Nail Technician Training
• Advance Eyelash Extension Training

Bonus Classes:

Salon & Staff Management, Salon Interior & Equipment Management, Traditional & Digital Branding, Hygiene & Safety Measure, Product Knowledge, Entrepreneurship, Freelancing, and Job.

Scope of Course

This course is not for small dreamers at all. If you believe on innovations with established skills, this course is one stop for a gigantic set up. As this course have all trendy and updated market requirements of beauty, it can easily startup your first step into a leading brand. As beauty world is vastly innovating itself, it is high time that Pakistani beauty community should change their old regime as advance skill is directly proportional to a leading brand.

ISA Final Project Day