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What You Will Learn

In This Course You Will Cover all these trainings:

• Microblading Theory.
• Microblading Color Theory.
• Understanding different skin types.
• Microblading demonstration and procedure on live model.
• Microblading Stroke.
• Half Spine Stroke.
• Innate Spine Stroke.
• Phi Stroke.
• Natural Brow Stroke.
• Brow Lift Stroke.
• After care guidelines.
• Product Knowledge.

Scope of Course

As many diseases are developing, new issues of those could be the demand of innovative cures. Women who suffer from baldness, alopecia/ loss of hair, non-visible brows and what not, have the solution now and that is the Microblading. This new technique of filling eyebrows is giving hope to many. Microblading is one of the best choice as a profession as it belongs to smile and confidence of the customers with good fee package.

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