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What You Will Learn

In This Course You Will Cover all these trainings:

• Nail Anatomy.
• Professional French Acrylics.
• Professional Ombre Acrylics.
• Professional all rounded Acrylics.
• Professional Powder Beading.
• Professional Nail Shapes.
• Professional Mold Nail Development.
• UV Gel Nails | Poly Gel Nails.
• Cat Eye Nail Art | Gel Paint
• Foil Nail Art | Bead Nail Art | Glitter Nail Art.
• Professional Nail Removal Technique.
• Product Knowledge | Nail After Care

Scope of Course

As a Nail Technician, a woman can turn more than one lac on a monthly basis from her own home nail studio. This business cost less capital than other startups. A nail technician job is highly paid as the market requires nail staff.

ISA Final Project Day