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What You Will Learn

In This Course You Will Cover all these trainings:

• Theory of Makeup.
• Makeup Brands & Makeup Industry.
• Makeup Mediums.
• HD Makeup.
• Airbrush Makeup/ Matte Makeup.
• Mineral Makeup.
• Smokey Makeup/ Shimmery Makeup.
• Peachy Makeup/ Nude Makeup.
• Weather Oriented Makeup.
• E – girl Makeup.
• Nikkah Makeup.
• Bridal Makeup.
• Walima Makeup.
• Skull Contouring Techniques.
• Western Modern Bridal.
• Traditional Desi Bridals.

Scope of Course

This course is not for small dreamers at all. If you believe on innovations with established skills, this course is one stop for a gigantic set up. As this course have all trendy and updated market requirements of beauty, it can easily startup your first step into a leading brand. As beauty world is vastly innovating itself, it is high time that Pakistani beauty community should change their old regime as advance skill is directly proportional to a leading brand.

ISA Final Project Day